Shamanic Sexual Wisdom

Book showing man and serpent
It's fascinating to look at different Tantric traditions and their ways to heal and cultivate sexual energy. In our practise we draw on Indian and Daoist traditions mainly, Osho being a great teacher and influence. I also enjoy Shamanic teachings and attend regular healing ceremonies. However, some of the tantric sexual practises are very new to me, although many are the same just reflected differently.
This brings me to a book I'm really enjoying at present, Don Juan and the Art of Sexual Energy by Merilyn Tunneshende. This book is about Carlos Caseneda who was quite possibly the most famous shaman of his time. He died in 1998 and some of his Tantric teachings were found and brought together in this book with 22 exercises, which of course is a master number for cultivating and manifesting.
This is a small extract focusing on Male Sexual Energy, talking about male kundalini serpent energy, Shamanic description of the male big draw, and reasons for non ejaculation:

''Longevity, for example, is directly related to potency in males and is a highly desirable characteristic. You see, for a man, the mouth of the serpent becomes the genitals and the head is the rattle. By sipping back on the energies and fluids, using fore breath up the spine, accompanied by a roll of the eyes deep into the back of the head, rather than by expelling the energy, one increases the number of the rattles on the tail, one increases longevity, always indicated by the length of the rattle, and wisdom, indicated by its shake, the stimulation. Men do not have limitless sexual energys, despite what we may want our partners to believe.''

I thoroughly recommend this book for its insight into shamanic tantric practices.

Love Carmelle and Rachael

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