Moving to the Same Rhythm

Man Woman Dancing Closeness Rhythm

It's wonderful to feel so totally in sync with someone, moving to the same rhythm together. Of course, there are also days and moments when we can all feel a little out of rhythm with ourselves or our beloved. Hopefully, our desire is to come back and reconnect. This is a very simple but intimate meditation using the breath to tune in and connect with each other.

To begin the man sits leaning against a wall or something that can support him. He is upright but relaxed. The woman sits in front and slowly leans back into him. Then, close your eyes and both start by tuning into your own breath. Take the breath slowly down into the lower abdomen. Exhale fully. After maybe 3 or 4 minutes or when the man feels ready, he will begin to tune into the woman's breathing. He will breathe in when she breathes in and again follows her when she breathes out. Give yourselves at least 10 minutes before you then swap over. You can stay in the same position if you wish, but the woman will now follow the man's breath. You can finish this meditation by just lying and holding each other or moving into lovemaking.

This meditation is a wonderfully simple way of bringing in closeness, harmony and intimacy and if you wish can also be followed on from the eye gazing practice.

Love Rachael and Carmelle 

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