Small Delights

Couple watching Sunset on a bench

Last week I received a beautiful tantric massage. So lovely to sink into that space of timelessness and to feel tensions and mind chatter slip away. I felt very quickly relaxed and connected to a greater whole.

When my pampering session had come to an end, I was left to gently rest on the massage table. As I slowly opened my eyes and gently accustomed myself to my surroundings, I was filled with a sudden wave of emotion at the beauty around me. The sun was slowly setting, and a beautiful dusky red and gold sky was emerging in the distance. It felt at this time as though I was seeing the sunset for the very first time and it truly took my breath away. The richness of the colours merging and changing before my eyes, were truly magical!

It was a great reminder of the natural beauty that constantly surrounds us and the importance in allowing ourselves to slow down, become present in our bodies, and really look at things! Beauty can be found even in the simple or small delights we sometimes take for granted.

Love Rachael and Carmelle