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In one of our sessions last week we did the beautiful practice of eye gazing. We were asked ‘What happens if you are doing this with someone you are not attracted to, dislike or upset with?' This practice can bring up many things for people such as vulnerability, awkwardness, joy, resistance, openness, a feeling of being exposed or silly, ecstatic feelings and lots more.

Eye gazing is a form of meditation and can be done with a partner, a friend, on your own using a mirror, or sometimes with complete strangers if you are attending a workshop. The intention is to go behind and seeing beyond the other person’s perceived level of attractiveness. Or in the case of a partner, perhaps any disagreements, grudges or resentments. It is about holding a sense of reverence and seeing the other person as a manifestation of the divine. It also teaches you to be fully present and relaxed, form deep connection, opens the heart and enables an acceptance of yourself and the person that you are sharing the practice with.

  • Agree on how long you will devote to this practice.
  • Start by sitting opposite each other, cross legged if that is comfortable, and close your eyes...
  • Begin to breathe slowly and deeply into the lower abdomen- It is not necessary at this point to try and synchronize your breathing together, although this tends to happen naturally after a while.
  • Once you feel centred and relaxed open your eyes...
  • Look into your partners left eye, keeping your eyes engaged but soft.
  • Let any thoughts, desires, distractions pass by allowing you the space to connect with the essence of the other person and then a feeling of expansion that goes beyond the two of you.
  • Finish with an embrace or Namaste and give each other five minutes in which to share how you felt.

Doing this practice creates oneness and a sense of dissolving or merging into another, whilst at the same time remaining present and connected to the earth.

Love Rachael and Carmelle 

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  1. I can confirm that eye-gazing is a most powerful and engaging activity. For me it was the easiest way to focus, forgetting entirely the world around me.