New Wild Woman

Woman stretching renewal and liberation

Being on the receiving end of a tantra massage is often a very powerful and healing experience. One of the most important things is to have a good feeling about the person who will hold the space for the session to take place.

When we mention healing and specific reasons why you may benefit from a tantric massage, our own journey and personal experiences receiving tantra massage have been so liberating. The feeling of deep connection experienced within oneself often brings out the primal instincts of the forgotten wild woman suppressed within. This is brought about by releasing holdings and trauma in the body that we are often quite unaware of.

Tantra massage is extremely healing and beneficial for:

  • Emotional release (very cathartic)
  • Painful periods or menopause
  • Sexual traumas or sexual blocks (often unconscious)
  • Shame around sexuality, often caused by society's conditioning
  • Opening the heart and integrating the whole of oneself
  • Awakening and accessing your own ecstatic spontaneous energy which is often lying dormant waiting to be aroused. This can be truly life changing.

The experience of the above releases can be very intense as we let go of what no longer is serving us and make space for new vital lighter energy. You may experience spontaneous energy making the body shudder or the release of sounds (very grounding) which you will be encouraged to allow as the body opens up. You may instead be experiencing a more internal process which is equally as beneficial as we trust whatever takes place within a session will be what is needed at your core level and is your own unique experience.

The massage itself is whole body with the intention of integrating our sexual energy, emotional body whilst remaining present and aware.
We fully respect and encourage your boundaries and wishes regarding the session.

Love Carmelle and Rachael

The Gift of Unconditional Touch

Tantric Back Massage

The power of touch is so great it can lift your spirit to new heights or bring you down to earth with a thud! Tingling, feelings of being adored, irritation, numbness, passion, excitement - what have you felt?

There is no touch more amazing than the gift of unconditional touch, one which is given purely for touch’s sake. It is not being initiated as a precursor for sex or on condition that you return the favour. To allow ourselves to receive that touch fully, we must let go of any goals or specific outcomes and instead be tuned in with and relax into whatever we may be feeling in that present moment.

To give unconditional touch can be an incredibly sensual and healing experience, both for the giver and receiver. When giving, start by taking your awareness away from your partner and focus on your fingertips. Bring them to life! If you close your eyes when you begin to touch, this will heighten the feelings in the pads of your fingers. Make your intention one of meditation and visualise or feel the energy coming from your hands and fingers. Let your fingers sense what is desired in that moment instead of worrying about a technique.

You can use slow sweeping strokes, light stroking or even your breath. Blowing slowly up the spine will make your partner tingle! Let a hand just rest sometimes, perhaps on the heart, and connect with the eyes. Explore the texture of the skin. Where does it change? Can you find the very smoothest part? Feel your partner’s body temperature and for any sensations such as vibrating, tenseness, relaxation. Caress along the inner arms and the centre of the palms. Use your mouth and your breath around the neck and ears. Don’t overlook any parts of the may be surprised which areas bring pleasure!

If you feel yourself forming an agenda or getting restless, acknowledge that as a distraction and let yourself move through it, letting it pass. The key to giving is staying present and connected to your partner, thus creating trust and deepening intimacy.

Love Rachael and Carmelle 

Moving to the Same Rhythm

Man Woman Dancing Closeness Rhythm

It's wonderful to feel so totally in sync with someone, moving to the same rhythm together. Of course, there are also days and moments when we can all feel a little out of rhythm with ourselves or our beloved. Hopefully, our desire is to come back and reconnect. This is a very simple but intimate meditation using the breath to tune in and connect with each other.

To begin the man sits leaning against a wall or something that can support him. He is upright but relaxed. The woman sits in front and slowly leans back into him. Then, close your eyes and both start by tuning into your own breath. Take the breath slowly down into the lower abdomen. Exhale fully. After maybe 3 or 4 minutes or when the man feels ready, he will begin to tune into the woman's breathing. He will breathe in when she breathes in and again follows her when she breathes out. Give yourselves at least 10 minutes before you then swap over. You can stay in the same position if you wish, but the woman will now follow the man's breath. You can finish this meditation by just lying and holding each other or moving into lovemaking.

This meditation is a wonderfully simple way of bringing in closeness, harmony and intimacy and if you wish can also be followed on from the eye gazing practice.

Love Rachael and Carmelle 

A Weekend with Bernie Prior

Truth devotional speech satsang

Recently I took part in a workshop with a self-realized Tantric teacher, Bernie Prior. The content of the weekend consisted mainly of Satsang, which is devotional speech with questions and answers. This is a new concept for me when it comes to Tantric workshop experiences, which are often focused on practices and techniques.

In Bernie’s presence I felt a great deal of transmission and I soaked up the open hearted connection present throughout the weekend and the sacred space that was created.

Bernie Prior teaches truth in every moment at soul level. Then and only then will true integration take place with the stripping away of one’s identity coming forth, allowing wholeness to occur.

Truth in every moment can be brutal as only real honesty can be. Bernie referred often throughout the weekend ‘be prepared to die for everything you know and identify with, don’t hold onto anything, let life and love flow through you, its living and breathing and forever evolving only then can one be truly present.’

Listen with your heart not your head. Our heads are full of stories, conditioning and old memories, trapping us and limiting us, not serving us in the now. Let life unfold and reveal itself from your deepest knowing, your heart will thank you for it.

Bernie Prior approach is a bit like a sledgehammer getting people to their raw truth by asking questions that were challenging and getting to the core. It’s certainly a recipe for rapid growth and transformation. I loved the weekend. It resonated in every vibration in my body and left me with a curiosity and hunger for more.

Tantric teaching can have this effect but it’s hugely important to feel a connection to the teachings and be in a trusted environment. It’s wise to remember to be discerning and allow the information that feels right in your deepest knowing to open and transform.

Love Carmelle and Rachael

Small Delights

Couple watching Sunset on a bench

Last week I received a beautiful tantric massage. So lovely to sink into that space of timelessness and to feel tensions and mind chatter slip away. I felt very quickly relaxed and connected to a greater whole.

When my pampering session had come to an end, I was left to gently rest on the massage table. As I slowly opened my eyes and gently accustomed myself to my surroundings, I was filled with a sudden wave of emotion at the beauty around me. The sun was slowly setting, and a beautiful dusky red and gold sky was emerging in the distance. It felt at this time as though I was seeing the sunset for the very first time and it truly took my breath away. The richness of the colours merging and changing before my eyes, were truly magical!

It was a great reminder of the natural beauty that constantly surrounds us and the importance in allowing ourselves to slow down, become present in our bodies, and really look at things! Beauty can be found even in the simple or small delights we sometimes take for granted.

Love Rachael and Carmelle