Preparation Rituals

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Most of us have busy and at times stressful lives. We put our energy into work, children, household duties, financial matters and never ending ‘to do’ lists. Sharing intimate times with our partner can often take a back seat or become something hurried before falling asleep!

Whilst we all enjoy a spot of spontaneous lovemaking there is also something to be said for seeing it and approaching it as a ritual and savoring and intensifying every moment. Whether self-pleasuring or being with our partner, we like to bring in a sense of sacredness and fun. To prepare ourselves emotionally and physically we create a sacred space. This could be the bedroom if it is quiet, warm and cosy. The things we bring into the sacred space are important. We like to create a sensual mood so have objects such as precious stones, fresh flowers and beautiful fabrics which can be draped to transform or hide any clutter in the room. Soft and subtle lighting and candles are a favourite. Music is equally important and can invoke desires and feelings within us.

So now we’ve prepared the space how about our self? If you are on your own, you may think ‘what’s the point of that if I’m going to be alone?’ Taking time out, tuning in and honouring ourselves in this way is good for our body, mind and wellbeing.

A nice way to prepare is with a bathing ritual. Create and transform your bathroom into a luxurious and inviting space that you can really indulge in. As we mentioned earlier, candles, soft lighting and sensual music are all wonderful mood enhancers. Exotic essential oils such as geranium or jasmine will really heighten and enhance the senses. When you are satisfied with your setting it’s time to sink into your tub and spoil yourself.

Now is a good time to start tuning in and becoming aware of the breath. Allow yourself to breathe a little deeper and slower into the lower abdomen. Feel a wave of relaxation spreading throughout your body. The bathing ritual is a beautiful gift to pamper oneself or to share with a partner, who you may wish to bathe you.

The next suggestion is self-massage which is wonderful when done in front of a full length mirror or if you prefer, lying down. Choose your favourite oil and start to spread slowly over the body, really paying attention to every part. After a while let yourself linger over sensitive areas such as your erogenous zones. Continuing to breathe steadily and deeply, helps you to stay connected with yourself and present in your experience.                          

Love Carmelle and Rachael

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