The Love Muscle

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An important muscle, often referred to as the love muscle in Tantra, is the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle. This is the muscle we use to stop the flow of urine and it is present in both men and women.

Tantric practices are easily integrated into daily life in many subtle ways. Here is a technique and easy exercise to begin with, using the love muscle, that is simple to integrate whilst going about your daily routine:

Using the PC muscle almost like a pump, in conjunction with the breath, try inhaling whilst tensing the PC muscle then releasing it fully on the exhale. Once you have mastered that you can try a quick pulsing action or, when you feel comfortable, try tensing and holding for 6 seconds before releasing it. This creates a pleasant sensation as well as moving the energy up the back of the spine and helping to circulate the energy throughout the body. You may also feel a wonderful rejuvenating effect!

It is important to keep this muscle strong and healthy by exercising it regularly. The benefits are expanded orgasm and pleasure with heightened sensations during lovemaking. For men it begins to help with stronger ejaculation control.

Love Carmelle and Rachael 

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