A Tantric Paradise.

Woman bathing outside paradise
Fancying a little break we took ourselves off on a Tantric retreat. Flying into San Francisco then driving a couple of hours north we arrive at Harbin hot springs. Beautifully quiet - no phones allowed or work anyway, with hills and luscious greenery all around. Checking into our simple but pretty room which will be home for the next seven days and feeling excited and full of beans despite the jet lag!
Venturing out to explore we pass the library, divine temple, the market store selling delicious foods, fresh juices and various lotions and potions. An Aladdin’s cave full of silks and gems in an array of colours catches our eye and tempts us in....mmm pure Goddess clothing. Saying hello and smiling like two cheshire cats at the various clothed/unclothed people passing us we make our way to the pools. There are four in total, all using 100% spring water and no chlorine. As they say, you can shower, cook, drink, brush your teeth or soak for hours with this water if you wish.

Bathing at night is one of the most delicious experiences....as we lower ourselves slowly into the meditation pool everything just melts away....a stream of thoughts dissolving into the water. The sounds of wild animals and the cool night air gently ease us into a tranquil night of sleep.....

Waking up each day sleepy eyed at 7am for the morning meditation we cajole each other into the shower with positive words such as ‘It’ll wake you up’ and ‘It’s the best way to start the day.’ As neither of us are early birds this essential scenario is played out each morning...

Isn’t it funny how you are able to immerse yourself and how much easier it tends to be when you’re in a different environment? The week could be described as both rollercoaster and bliss but one thing was for sure, we were both fully engaged and focused on the present moment- an essential part of Tantra.

Harbin has a wonderful array of workshops that run all the year round. Many are designed around sexuality, intimacy, love and its healing aspects. An important part of the workshop involved bringing to the surface our deepest fears and insecurities...wow, it certainly did bring things up, including a great deal of resistance in most of us. However, then we are able to move beyond these feelings, revealing us in our pure and true nature. Thank goodness for much laughter and dance to lighten the mood!
It reaffirms to us the deep healing power that Tantra has on our own lives, and the personal transformational effects we witnessed in the group we were honoured to be a part of. We found Harbin to be the perfect retreat centre to study and progress with our own personal tantric journey, a path that unfolds the deepest truth and joy within ourselves.

Love Rachael and Carmelle