Ready to explore?

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Ready to explore?

We like to ask people who come along and attend a session, the question: What has drawn you to Tantra? The answers received are interesting and varied.

Some of the common responses are; a desire to integrate sexuality and spiritual practices working with sexual energy, which can be enticing and bring the missing link that they have been seeking. A sense of shyness, fear or guilt surrounding intimacy. A feeling of becoming disconnected. Wanting to bring back that spark to maintain fulfillment and richness in relationships. Difficulty in receiving and letting go of expectations. A busy stressful lifestyle and in need of some pampering. Stuck in certain emotions and looking for a playful and enjoyable way to explore this. Missing a sense of deep connection or a feeling that ‘there must be more.’

Of course, there are also people who are not sure why or just curious but sense that it would be a positive step.

Now that you have decided to explore your Tantric journey further, the question may be where do I go from here?

Workshops are often a good way to explore either singularly or as a couple or you may feel more comfortable having private sessions.

We both offer sessions for individuals and couples and are very happy to chat and discuss your reasons for wanting to explore tantra.

Love Rachael and Carmelle 

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