Namaste. A little about us....

I have been practicing holistic massage and bodywork since 1991 and am very aware of the impact it has both physiologically and psychologically. It can be used to invigorate and energise or promote relaxation through releasing tension and stress. Touch is perhaps one of the most neglected senses. However, when we are touched in a positive and healing way it stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, slowing the body down which in turn lowers the heart rate and helps deeper breathing. When given with the right intentions it is also comforting and helps us to feel more connected and centred.

Tantra shows me ways to achieve these feelings and more that in day to day life can sometimes be quite challenging! There are many different levels in which you can bring Tantra into your life. It can help to transform your relationships both with yourself and others. Tantra works with sexual energy, learning how to harness it and consciously move it through the body. It shows you how to see the divine in your partner and create intimacy and connection rather than goals and expectations. It is a spiritual path teaching you to trust and listen to the inner voice. It embraces everything, not just your sexuality. For my own personal and spiritual growth it is joyful, challenging and wonderfully inspiring. Rachael

I was interested in spirituality and my own body awareness from a young age. This helped install a sense of connection to a greater whole. It also left me with a desire to maintain a feeling of connectedness and inner peace. This is of course an ongoing journey.
The discovery of Tai chi and later Chi gong has had a hugely beneficial impact on my own self-development. Chi is the flow of life force energy, and the practise of chi gong instructs the movement of chi to areas of the body where needed to dissolve blockages. It is also a very grounding practise, and we believe it compliments our Tantra beautifully.
Tantra....Where do I start? It continues to bring so many wonderful surprises to my personal journey and others around me. Tantra is heart based and works with sexual energy focusing and transforming all aspects of life.Tantra is a way of life embracing all that is. Carmelle

Maybe this is your first delve into Tantra or perhaps you have already begun your Tantric journey. Either way there is much to discover and we welcome you with an open heart and mind.
Love Carmelle and Rachael