5 Benefits of Better Breathing

Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of better breathing and the influence it has on our body, mind and general wellbeing. In tantra practices, even though we can use our mind to a certain point, it is the breath that will help us to have a full direct experience involving our bodies, emotions and sensations.

Woman Outdoors stretching breathing

Just before we look at the benefits, take a moment now and bring your awareness to your own breathing.

Locate where your breath is going to. Is it the throat, lower abdomen or somewhere in between such as the chest or top of abdomen?

Now focus on what it feels like. Is it quick, expansive, shallow, deep, flowing, irregular, smooth? Can you feel sensations in your nostrils or the back of your throat? Is your belly rising or does your ribcage feel wider?

Most of us have forgotten how to breathe fully. As babies our breath was flowing, deep and full. As we get older it can tend to become very shallow, sometimes inhaling just to the throat or upper chest. Stressful lifestyles and difficulty in creating balance within our lives are some of the common factors of this reduced breath.


5 Benefits of Better Breathing


  • Being Present - How many times with a loved one, or perhaps out walking in nature, have we found ourselves distracted in our busy mind with thoughts. We are taken away from the sights, sounds, colours and smells that surround us. By bringing awareness to our breath, this vital powerful and flowing source, brings us into, and helps us rest in, the pleasure of the present moment.
  • Relaxation in the Body - Deepening and slowing your breath are very simple and powerful ways for immediate stress relief. Better breathing also encourages a relaxation in the body. It slows down the heart rate and blood pressure and helps regulate the nervous system, reducing feelings of anxiety or stress.
  • Authentic Expression - Try observing your breath in a very simple way. Notice each inhale, followed by the exhale. Is there a pause in between or is it a continuous circle? Paying more attention to the breath quietens the mind. If we are experiencing underlying emotions or inner conflict which may be clouding what we truly feel, the breath will support us to feel into our truth. It will bring clarity, focus and enable us to express our desires, needs and fears in a more authentic way.
  • A Feeling of Aliveness - We feel like this in moments of joy and excitement, but what about times when we feel flat or disconnected from our body and experiences? Expanding and deepening our breath, we take in more life force energy. There becomes a sweet intimacy with this connection as we feel it flow through us. This generates, builds and permeates every cell in our body until gradually, we can tap into the inner aliveness whenever we choose.
  • Body Awareness - The body may be holding uncomfortable experiences, stories or feelings. We may not always be aware of it but this can manifest through the body in ways such as physical or emotional tensions, habitual responses to situations or feelings of being blocked or numb. An example might be, that we find it difficult to fully let go and to allow pleasure in the body. Using the breath helps us become more connected to our body and our sexual energy. As we become more attuned, we begin to feel more. The sensations may be quite subtle, almost like a whisper, or powerful and intense. The more we engage the breath, the more these sensations are amplified. We can learn how to cultivate and spread sexual energy through the whole body, bringing with it a more fully embodied experience.
There are of course, many more benefits of better breathing and as well as thinking of it in terms of a practice that can be improved, it's exciting to realise that the breath can bring healing and significant transformations! We both offer breath practices in our sessions if you feel that you need a little support to start or would like to explore this more.

With Love, Rachael and Carmelle

Sensual Breast Massage

Womans Breast Massage

As well as being highly pleasurable, a sensual breast massage has considerable health benefits too, such as improving blood and lymphatic circulation, flushing out toxins, understanding and noticing any changes in the breasts, strengthening the muscle tissue in the chest and bringing awareness, healing and increased sensitivity to the whole area. 

If done with a partner it can also deepen intimacy with each other. The area of the breasts is often the seat of a woman's sexuality and a powerful portal into the heart. Massaging this area connects to the heart energy which, from a tantric perspective, is also one of the energetic positive poles in women. Women have different levels of sensitivity which can change during the massage and may feel anything from mildly/gently stimulating to highly arousing sensations, so touch given in a mindful and loving way is essential.

A woman can of course do this herself, or if her partner would like to give the massage, here are a few tips...

Make yourself comfortable ~ Women, lie on your back using cushions to prop yourself up a little if you wish, with knees slightly bent so your partner can sit between your legs. Your partner could also sit behind you, supporting you in a more upright position, with you leaning back into him.

Take time to connect ~ This is a time for both of you to relax, drop the busyness of the mind and enjoy. Depending on the position that you have chosen, the man could place one hand over the woman's heart centre and spend a couple of minutes just gazing softly at each other. If the man is behind supporting her, acknowledge each others presence by gently breathing together.

Stay present ~ Once you're ready to begin the massage, the man can try this visualisation...remain aware of your breath whilst feeling or visualising a warm energy travelling from your heart, through your arms, spreading into your hands and fingertips and continuing into wherever your hands are on your partners body. Women, also stay aware of your breath. Keep your full attention in your breasts, visualising them filling with energy as you slowly inhale and exhale.

Warm some oil in the palms of your hands. Good quality coconut, grapeseed or almond are great choices.

~ Start by placing your hands in the centre of the chest and then, using the palm of your hand and light pressure, massage around the breast using slow circular movements.

~ Massage from centre outwards towards the shoulder or underarm area.

~ Take your time to enjoy the sensations whilst you let your hand glide slowly over your partners skin.

~ Using both hands, lift the breast away from the chest and gently knead using a lifting and pressing action.

~ Again with both hands and a sensitive touch, gently twist the breast in a kind of wringing motion.

~ Softly stroke the area between the breasts, gliding your hands up with feather like strokes.

~ Placing your hand over the breast so that you can feel the nipple touching the centre of your palm, spread your fingers wide and then slowly begin to bring them together until they reach the nipple where you can give a soft, light pinch.

~ Using your thumb and finger, slowly begin to massage the nipple in a circular motion. Continue on to gently squeezing and then pulling the nipple towards you - or away from you if sitting behind her.

~ Repeat on the other breast

To finish the massage, be sure to integrate the breasts with the rest of her body. You can do this by gently sweeping your hands up the centre of her chest, over her breasts, down her arms and over her belly. Over the breasts, up the neck, sides of the face and through the hair is also great if sitting behind her.

With Love, Rachael and Carmelle  

Post Birth Tantra Massage

Woman in nature birth renewal

In many different cultures throughout the world, when a woman has given birth, it is recognised to be such a sacred and sensitive time. A woman is then given the time and the space to heal after the impact of childbirth.

A Brazilian friend of mine explained that after giving birth she was to recuperate and heal for the first month in bed. Her only task was to breastfeed, her child brought to her when nourishment was needed and of course to bond! This idea is present in many cultures still today.

The trauma often experienced during childbirth, both emotionally and physically, can leave a strong imprint, leaving a less than positive memory stored in the body. Touch and healing massage are a great healer and help to integrate such a powerful experience.

Ecstatic birthing and empowered birthing are very much at the forefront today, with woman taking back the power and the knowledge that as women, our bodies indeed have all the knowledge and wisdom we need to give birth - whether or not we choose to have conventional medical assistance and sometimes intervention or the unconventional choice of a growing number of women choosing unassisted birthing.

After the birth of my twins, healing massage was part of my recovery and felt essential to healing any residue of trauma I experienced. My birth was in many ways empowered, but I fought all the way for that choice. Whilst my labour was an amazing journey through hypno birthing and drug free, I was also amazed to experience a lot of natural serotonin flooding my cells and blissful sensations in the comfort of my own home whilst immersed in water.

My actual delivery happened in hospital under bright lights with a desperation for me to deliver quickly with the constant threat of a caesarean thrust at me from the medical establishment. Unfortunately, I had been pushing for some time at home with little happening so hospital was the next port of call, where I delivered quickly.

Luckily for me, Rachael was on hand to help me with that healing process and her sensitive touch allowed me to open to energetic wounds and holdings and release emotionally and physically. I could reconnect with myself as a woman and not just a mother in the months following the birth.

In our experience in giving women tantric massage post birth, a lot of women are experiencing feelings of being cut off from their sexuality, low libido, loss of identity whilst integrating their new body image under the pressure of having to give out constantly. Re connective massage can be vital in this integration process and a wonderful gift to give yourself.

With love, Carmelle and Rachael  


Yellow daffodils in field Spring solstice

With Spring Solstice in the air, it's a perfect time to welcome the season according to your beliefs and interests. It's the season of fertility, so a great time to plant the seed for new ideas and intentions.

I myself took part in a ceremony on the Solstice with the intention set as Transformation. It was a beautiful way to welcome a powerful intention through singing, prayer and sharing.

Every intention is always made stronger and given power by voicing it to a group, this raises the vibration, provides group healing and sets up an energetic transmission. The power of prayer, being in gratitude and surrender strengthens our intentions and helps to manifest. 

The surrender is important to release any emotion around attachment to the outcome we may have for our intention, as it may not always look the way we envisioned it and it's important to try and see the changes in any small way they may be presented to us.

Renewal is born as we shine our light on our shadows, share our burdens and lighten our load. Liberating ourselves and feeling the freedom that is our birth right.

love Carmelle and Rachael 

Female Massage - Releasing Inner Wild Woman

Red Rose Petals
Female Tantric massage is an amazing journey and never ending discovery.

The experience of a full body massage in such a heart felt way by fellow woman is extremely healing.

This massage entitles us and welcomes us to completely surrender and fully let go. An opportunity to focus on ourselves, and remind ourselves how fascinating and complex woman's sexuality really is.

The surrender can be challenging as we are used to interacting and engaging when in an intimate situation. In your Tantra massage you will be supported and held within a space for you to really own your own experience, which is truly healing and empowering.   

In these sessions it is possible to experience a range of different things from emotional releases to ecstatic bliss. As woman we often hold on to trauma in our bodies that we are totally unaware of. Trauma from childbirth, painful periods, sexual abuse, shame or guilt, to name a few. Also from being touched in ways that were neither respectful nor satisfying.

Our intention is to be fully present and open to your needs whilst setting clear boundaries necessary in honouring such a sacred experience.

In Tantra massage the journey is always the most important part and the focus on breathe helps to keep us present and alive in each moment we experience. Goalposts only get in the way, along with expectations. Our childlike curiosity will stand us in good stead for embarking on our wild personal adventure!

Love Carmelle and Rachael